Homeless Outreach

4 essentials your donations help provide.

Palbarling Center has a presence on the streets of 12 countries and counting. We provide for the basic human needs of homeless populations across the globe.

A homeless man wrapped in a warm blanket.


The needs for the homeless population in every country are the same despite in which country you happen to live. Palbarling Center regularly provides cooked vegetarian meals to hungry people who find themselves without shelter. We do this in 12 countries including the United States. The fact is, homelessness is a problem globally.

Shoes and Socks

You might be surprised to learn that one of the most requested items is socks by those on the streets. Footwear including socks are essential especially to the homeless populations around the world. We provide these items through your contributions to the most in need. Help us continue to make a change by a donation today.


Clothing that is clean and in good condition is a basic human need. Life on the streets is hard and it wears clothes out quickly. So we at Palbarling Center work hard to continually provide clothing to the homeless popultion whereever we can, but we can only do this with your help. Please consider making a dontation today.

Clean drinking water

Clean water is a tough commodity to find especially in developing nations. It is something that is a necessity but it needs to be clean and safe for consumption. When we provide cooked meals, and clothing we also supply clean drinking water to thirsty people on the streets. Clean water can be costly though, so please help us by making a contribution today.

May the merit be used to pray for world peace, and the benefit repay the kindness of all danas.


Our Mission

Our main mission is to teach Buddhism and meditation in the community and correctional facilities by practicing engaged Buddhism. 
The Palbar Ling Center is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit org
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