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Preparation for a long strenuous journey of meditation.


First adjust your diet-- -it is best to be a vegan if you can and do not eat so much each meal, just 70-80% full. Dinner should be light --- best if you could just drink liquid food, like juice or rice porridge.

2nd. adjusting your sleep---best to sleep before 11pm or not too late. When you sleep late, your body have to do extra work getting rid of the poisons generated within the body.

3rd. adjust your behavior---do not engage in activities that are not inductive towards the pure practice, like breaking Buddhist precepts or drinking alcohol.

4th. adjust your thinking---do not have greed, hatred or ignorance. Try to always keep happy, peaceful, grateful and compassionate thoughts.

5th. adjust your living---happy to be alone in solitude with peace and tranquility.

Lastly, I would advice everyone to make prostrations to the Buddha everyday. At least 108 bows. This will stretch your body out, prepare your mind for meditation and rid the obstacles generated from previous negative karmas. Each prostration is done slowly and precisely. Be mindful of every body movement. There are 3 important points must remember: 1. When standing with join palms, let your attention focus on your feet, so the the Chi energy move toward the lower body.

2. Breath out through your mouth as you bow to the ground. Imagine letting all the air in your chest and abdomen out. Once on the ground, you should relax your neck, spine, and shoulder muscles, like clothes hanging on the rack. Not exerting any force or have any tension. The position where you can reach maximum relaxation, your must adjust yourself as you practice this.

3. When stand up again, take slow deep breaths through your nose all the way to your abdomen and focus attention again on your feet.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to teach Buddhism and meditation in the community and correctional facilities by practicing engaged Buddhism. 
The Palbar Ling Center is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit org
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